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Novel 16S rRNA amplicon library preparation method

Research Tools

Business opportunity

The technology has the potential of being converted to a kit that can be sold commercially to users/researchers sequencing large numbers of bacteria.

Tech description

The method has been benchmarked on a mock sample of known bacterial composition, and has also been demonstrated to work well on several hundred fecal samples, a typical application. The method is designed for Illumina sequencing technology, but could be adapter for other platforms.

The 16S rRNA amplicon library preparation protocol has been optimized, and includes a triplex- index design, which reduces the total number of primers required when multiplexing larger amount of samples, allows for an increased number of samples per run, and reduced project completion times:

MiSeq analyses 96 samples in 3 days (cost 194NOK ($22)/sample) employing 20 primers HiSeq rapid analyses 3072 samples in 3 days (cost 45NOK ($5)/sample) employing 37 primers

Setup of multiplex samples will all be available with the kit; and no pre-designing will be needed.


A provisional patent application is in filing.

Business Partner

Kristin Sandereid
Executive Fund & Business Developer
Mobile: (+47) 93 03 72 22