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New tool to quickly diagnose methanol poisoning


Business opportunity

Methanol causes a large number of poisonings every year worldwide. Treatment is very efficient if initiated early.   In spite of effective treatment options, the morbidity and mortality remain high due to difficulties in obtaining the diagnosis . Many patients are undiagnosed or dying before treatment is initiated. Methanol analyses are not commonly available, and even in the Western world, the delay from sampling to result is often very long (>24-48 hours). In the developing part of the world, the delay is much longer - if at all obtainable. Thus, the medical community and the health care systems around the world need a tailored point-of-care product that can be shipped anywhere by small means. We will offer a novel point-of-care test with a proprietary formulation measures the levels of formic acid - the actual toxic component of methanol.

Tech description

- "No brainer" to use - Pead-out within minutes - Handle hundreds at a time - Easy sampling - Measure the toxic metabolite - Robust  


Proprietary formulation is covered by two patent families. 

Business Partner

Jørund Sollid
Business Development Manager
Mobile: (+47) 93 42 35 39