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Vaccine molecules that target human HLAII molecules in all individuals

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Business opportunity

HLAII/MHCII molecules are a promising target on immune cells ; however, their high variability is a major challenge. The novel targeting scFv is unique in that it broadly binds close to all MHCII molecules.

The potential use of the target is very broad, including for example applications as an affinity tag for pulling out immune cells. Alternatively, after linking a functional group to the scFv, immune cells could be labeled for detection, targeted with toxic molecules, or be targeted for vaccination purposes.

Tech description

The scFv binding profile is similar to the binding of the full HKB1 antibody and can therefore be used to bind many different HLAII molecules (most DR, DQ, DP).


A patent application protecting the invention is filed.
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Gerbrand Koster, Technology Strategy Manager, gerbrand.koster@inven2.com
Kristin Sandereid, Business Development Manager, kristin.sandereid@inven2.com

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Kristin Sandereid
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