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Success stories

Larsen and Bruland ready for third success in a row

Larsen and Bruland’s third cancer company will treat cancer that has spread to the abdominal cavity. They have previously enjoyed success with Algeta, which was sold for NOK 17.6 billion to Bayer, and Nordic Nanovector, which has a market value of almost NOK 5 billion.

Developing monitoring sensor for mechanically ventilated patients

Respinor climbs to the top in Europe and receives NOK 26 million from EU’s Horizon2020 programme, which supports innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in the healthcare biotechnology sector.

Raised MNOK 499 in December 2016

In 2016, Nordic Nanovector raised NOK 499 million in capital. Among other things, the funding will be used to prepare for the market launch of the company’s lymphoma treatment.


Inven2 og Astellas with licensing deal

In five years’ time, arthritis patients may have access to a better, simpler and cheaper treatment, thanks to a doctoral degree at Betanien Hospital in Skien. 

Vaccibody is based on Agnete Brunsvik Fredriksen’s doctoral degree work in the early 2000s. In December, the company raised NOK 220 million in capital that it will use to develop personalised, therapeutic vaccines.

The breakthrough came after ten years of development: In October 2016, the world’s first smartphone with an edge-to-edge display was launched. The smartphone is Chinese, but the technology is Norwegian. Several mobile phone manufacturers have now come knocking.


EpiGuard’s slogan ‘Saving one – protecting everyone’ sums up this young company, which spun out of Oslo University Hospital. Its main product is an isolator used to transport highly infectious patients.


Tightens security breaches

With its unique model for protecting advanced IT systems against critical threats, the start-up company Prosa Security AS is becoming an attractive partner for demanding clients in the banking and finance industry. The solution is also attracting attention outside Norway. 

Sucess entrepreneur Lars Wiik

2016 was a good year for researcher Lars Wik. Three inventions to improve the treatment of cardiac arrest patients were licensed and an ‘old invention’ from 2003 was CE-approved.


In 2016, Ultimovacs obtained the data that enabled it to proceed with the testing of its therapeutic cancer vaccine. In August, the company raised NOK 75 million to finance the trials.