Extended Focus – Super-resolution microscopy

Business Opportunity

Exclusive/non-exclusive IP license:

  • Sell it as an optional kit to existing microscopes. Existing and new customers.
  • Embed the technology in future microscopes.

Tech description

In order to capture rapid cellular events without disrupting processes due to photodamage and/or bleaching, cell biologists usually compromise on some imaging parameters, for instance, by not reaching Nyquist sampling of the Z-stacks or by lowering laser power, which worsen the signal-to-noise ratio. Endosomes can change dramatically in size, and subpixel localization accuracy and a temporal resolution in the order of seconds is necessary. Both photobleaching and motion artifacts worsen when aiming for a higher resolution, which does it impossible for to embrace the usual compromises.

To address this challenge, the inventors introduced a new hardware adaptation, named Extended Focus (EF) that greatly improves the imaging speed by generating a well-defined projection along the depth axis. EF allows any camera based imaging system to synchronize the movement of the piezo stage and the camera in a precise manner. In addition, an optional signal shutters the lasers off, when the stage is moving, which provides perfectly horizontal sections. The EF Z-scan then combines multiple optical sections into a single exposure. The image generated by EF is equivalent to a sum or average projection virtually identical to summing up the conventional 3D confocal images, but the EF results in better than 10 fold increase in speed and more than 10 fold decrease in radiation exposure and fluorophore bleaching.


The technology is an upgrade to spinning disk confocal microscopes that dramatically improves photon balance and imaging speed for various imaging applications in projections while simultaneously preserving super-resolution features.




Priority application filed


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