Dual CAR T-cell targeting CD19/Ig-kappa for safer Lymphoma therapy


This new CAR T-cell can be developed to treat children and adults with B cell lymphoma. Inven2 is seeking to out-license the technology to pharmaceutical companies and/or biotechnology SMEs for clinical trials either as a single intervention or combination treatment with existing first, second, or third line interventions. B cell Lymphoma is a cause of significant morbidity and mortality. The field of immunotherapy represents a market of 100 billion US dollars and is growing steadily.


CAR T cell therapy (autologous or allogeneic) that recognizes malignant B cells expressing IgKappa and CD19 but not IgLambda. This design enables a safer approach to treat B cell lymphoma as it will not deplete all B cells, including the healthy B cells, only the B cells that express IgKappa and CD19.


Our data demonstrates an effective and highly significant reduction in tumour cells when tested for killing malignant B cell lymphoma cells in vitro.


Publication is available here (conference abstract) and here (full paper).


WO2020011706 entered national phase in USA and Europe.


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