High data-rate wireless communication for deep medical implants

Business opportunity

Recent growth in utilization of wireless technology inside the human body has provided new medical solutions, such as wireless capsule endoscopy and leadless pacemakers. However, power consumption and bandwidth limitations of the wireless communication technology inside the body currently limit requested data rates, implant operational life, and sensor complexity. Researchers at Oslo University Hospital have developed a new in-body communication technology that enables higher data rates, requires less space and consumes less power than existing communication solutions for wireless implants.

Inven2 seeks development partners and/or licensees for the technology.

Technology description

A prototype system for wireless capsule endoscopy utilizing radio frequency backscatter communication is developed. An antenna system that generates large radar cross sections is designed considering the specific conditions of wave propagation in biological environments and antenna loading with lossy tissues. The implant antenna is reconfigurable and the data stream is efficiently modulated. On-body antennas direct electro-magnetic energy to the capsule inside the body to improve the link for communication and power transfer. A reliable communication link with up to 8 Mbps data transfer is demonstrated for a capsule in the gastrointestinal tract for depths up to 10 cm, well within acceptable antenna radiation levels (SAR).

Backscatter Inven2

Unique selling point/Advantages

  • High data-rate communication (up to 10 Mbps)
  • Communication deep inside the human body (up to 18 cm)
  • Low energy consumption of the implant antenna (30nm)
  • Low-complexity and small-size implant communication unit


Pending Patent Applications



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