Mixed reality in heart surgery proctoring

Business opportunity

Chronically occluded coronary arteries is the most complex and advanced procedure in interventional cardiology. It is a very time-consuming procedure associated with high risk of complications. All procedures are carefully planned by a team in advance, and often there is need to consult with external experts during operations. With augmented reality glasses and a communication link, the surgeon can consult external expertise directly from the operating table, and the consultant gets exactly the same view as the surgeon. This provides a better basis for planning in advance and decision making during the procedure. In addition, the augmented reality glasses replaces the traditional 2-dimensional x-ray representation of the heart on a screen by a three-dimensional visualization, giving the health personnel a significantly improved view and understanding of the specific medical condition. We offer a proctoring technology that can significantly improve expert availability and production efficiency, surgeon confidence and success rate, and patient safety. It will be highly useful in all proctoring situations in medicine as well as in non-medical applications.

Inven2 seeks development partners and licensees for the technology.

Technology description

Researchers at Sørlandet Hospital and Oslo University Hospital has developed a proctoring solution based on HoloLens and mixed reality applicable in heart surgery procedures as well as any other proctoring situations.



Improve expert availability, efficiency, and success rate.


Testing Hololens and Mixed reality in heart surgery (in Norwegian)


Elin Melby, Ph.D

Elin Melby, Ph.D

Technology Strategy Manager


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