Peptide for improved endotoxin detection and removal

Business opportunity

Due to the omnipresence of bacteria in our environment, endotoxins are a common contamination in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and biotechnological products. They are extremely toxic to humans due to their ability to elicit a strong immune reaction that causes sepsis and toxic shock. Endotoxin detection and removal is therefore a crucial, and a major concern and very broad use. However, the current solutions on the market are expensive, and either not sustainable or not efficient.

Researchers at the University of Oslo have identified a novel peptide that has a very high affinity for endotoxins. Potential applications could include inclusion in improved affinity resins for endotoxin removal or detection systems with improved sensitity.


A short peptide with very high affinity for endotoxins.


The binding affinity to different endotoxin types is several fold higher than currently available.

Gerbrand Koster Ph.D.

Gerbrand Koster Ph.D.

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