Prom-Harmony™: Promoter scales for human cell gene expression


A scientist from Oslo University Hospital has devised a set of promoters that allow defined levels of gene expression over a two orders of magnitude range.

Inven2 is looking for interested partners/ licensees.


A variety of promoters were tested in both transient and stably-transfected cells. A set of those promoters was identified as providing defined levels of gene expression distributed over a two orders of magnitude range. Both constitutive and drug-inducible versions of such a promoter scale have been developed. This technology permits the expression of proteins at physiologic levels without the need for knock-ins or foreign proteins.


Our promoter scales allow users to:

  • Independently set the expression levels of multiple genes and manipulate their relative expression levels;
  • Simultaneously activate expression of multiple genes at different levels with a single inducer (inducible version);
  • Express proteins at the desired levels without the need for knock-ins, foreign proteins or inducers;
  • Easily perform functional testing of variants of unknown significance at physiologic levels



The patent application has been filed.


Hao Wu M.Sc.

Hao Wu M.Sc.

Technology Strategy Manager


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