Space weather forecast for improved navigation precision

Business opportunity

In the Nordic Region, the accuracy of GPS and other satellite-based navigation systems can be reduced due to disturbances in the ionosphere, the outermost layer of the atmosphere. Existing systems for mitigating this problem are not able to cover sea and polar areas; also large on-shore areas can be severely influenced. We will fill the coverage gaps in current satellite positioning support systems by forecasting space weather that will influence navigation systems.

Unpredictable reductions in navigation accuracy represent a serious limitation in several large markets, including offshore, shipping, fishing, and tourism in the High North, construction, autonomous vehicles, and location-based services in the on-shore mass market, and eventually, the planned transition to satellite-based traffic management in the aviation industry. We are developing a forecast enabling cm-level precision in satellite navigation systems. The two main market drivers are increased automation and increased High-North activity.

Inven2 seeks industrial development partners and/or licensees for the technology.

Technology description

Turbulence in the ionosphere causes disturbances and disruptions on satellite signals. Based on real-time measurements of ionosphere conditions, researchers at the University of Oslo have developed a model that can predict the most severe instances of ionospheric disturbance on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GPS, Galilieo, etc). In the Nordic Region, the worst disturbances on GPS signals occur when a so-called polar-cap patch enters the auroral oval. We model the transport of polar cap patches, and calculate at what time they will impact with the auroral oval, thus predicting disturbances. A first version of the model is verified in a case study to provide a forecast accuracy of 5 minutes several hours in advance.


Improved navigation precision.



Elin Melby, Ph.D

Elin Melby, Ph.D

Technology Strategy Manager


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