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Blood vessel segmentation for improved surgical procedures

Blood vessel segmentation for improved surgical procedures

Fast and User-Friendly Blood Vessel Segmentation Method Researchers at Oslo University Hospital have developed a method for visualization of blood vessels for improving planning and navigation in surgical procedures. The processing time is improved considerably compared to generally used methods.

Visualization of blood vessels is important for improving the planning and navigation in several interventional procedures. It is specifically relevant in catheter based procedures like stent graft positioning and valve replacement and also, in planning and navigation of laparoscopic liver resection. Detailed images of these blood vessels are initially formed using computerized topographic angiography and/or magnetic resonance angiography.

These blood vessel contrast enhanced images provide a basis for visualizing the blood vessels in three dimensions, which involves segmentation of blood vessels.


Contact information: Bjarne Tvete

Mobile: (+47) 934 98 002     E-mail: bjarne.tvete@inven2.com