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Modifying gut micriobiota

Research Tools; Therapy; Med Tech

Business opportunity

Currently we have initiated a project to isolate the active substances of the bacterium, standardize production and fractionation. 
The product; freeze-dried and minced bacterium, may be used as an animal feed additive for preventing inflammation and improving gut health. There is also a huge potential in medical food for humans linked to reducing dysbiosis.  We will also look into relevant clinical trials.
Inven2 AS seeks industrial collaboration partner for production and fractionation and investors to take this product to marked.

Tech description

Animal studies demonstrate the many positive effects of this bacterium. Mice were fed a diet rich in fat and sugar in a period of 21 weeks, following an intervention period of 5 weeks when the animals where fed the bacterial meal as only protein source. Analyses of fecal microbiota samples demonstrated that bacterial taxa distribution at the family level changed dramatically during the intervention period. Animals fed the bacterial meal gradually changed their microbiota composition towards a composition typical of lean animals fed a low fat diet. Lipidomic analyses of liver biopsies suggest gross changes in lipid composition in animals on bacteria-diets, underlining the potent effects on animal metabolism. The scientist also demonstrated the potent inflammatory properties of the bacteria when administered to the animals.
In conclusion, a pure preparation of the soil organism MCB in the diet has a profound impact on inflammation, conditions associated with metabolic syndrome and gut microbiota composition


A provisional patent application was filed in August 2017

Business Partner

Kristin Sandereid
Executive Fund & Business Developer
Mobile: (+47) 93 03 72 22