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New drug candidate against Heart Failure


Business opportunity

Chronic heart failure affects 6-10% of the general population in the western world. Increasing SERCA2 activity is considered a potential therapy for heart failure. Scientists at Oslo University Hospital have discovered a peptide allowing direct activation of SERCA2 and more selective therapy for heart failure, without most side effects from currently available therapies.
Inven2 is seeking collaboration and/or to license the technology to an industrial partner.

Tech description

SERCA2 controls cardiac contractility by regulating Ca2+ homeostasis in cardiac cells. SERCA2-activity is blocked by PDE3A-SERCA2 protein-protein interaction. No small molecule drugs are yet available to disrupt this pathogenic macromolecular interaction, but we have discovered a peptide selective blocking this.  Efficacy in cardiomyocytes has been demonstrated.
Development plans:  Peptide optimizing and Proof of Principle in rodents.


Patent application filed 30. May 2014.

Business Partner

Jørund Sollid
Business Development Manager
Mobile: (+47) 93 42 35 39