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Novel 16S rRNA amplicon library preparation method

Research Tools

Business opportunity

The technology has the potential of being converted to a kit that can be sold commercially to users/researchers sequencing large numbers of bacteria.

Tech description

The method has been benchmarked on a mock sample of known bacterial composition, and has also been demonstrated to work well on several hundred fecal samples, a typical application. The method is designed for Illumina sequencing technology, but could be adapter for other platforms.
The 16S rRNA amplicon library preparation protocol has been optimized, and includes a triplex- index design, which reduces the total number of primers required when multiplexing larger amount of samples, allows for an increased number of samples per run, and reduced project completion times:
MiSeq analyses 96 samples in 3 days (cost 194NOK ($22)/sample) employing 20 primers HiSeq rapid analyses 3072 samples in 3 days (cost 45NOK ($5)/sample) employing 37 primers
  Setup of multiplex samples will all be available with the kit; and no pre-designing will be needed.
The technology was recently published in Microbiome 2017; 5: 68.
However, the know-how is unique and the technology requires skilled personal to be implemented, and has the potential of further advancement.
Inven2 AS seeks industrial partner for production of protocol and kit.
The scientists provide service on the field and are positive to potential industrial partnering opportunities for collaboration in development of future technologies.


Know-how only. No patents in filing.

Business Partner

Kristin Sandereid
Executive Fund & Business Developer
Mobile: (+47) 93 03 72 22