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Novel CD37 CAR for Lymph


Business opportunity

The market segment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a growing area of focus in biotechnology where immunotherapy companies in particular have been able to attract significant investments and initiated clinical trials over the last 5 years.

Tech description

Our invention for CD37 CAR is unique and CARs have multiple advantages over other forms of immunotherapies, such as TCR and antibody-based immunotherapy, including effective and specific killing of tumor cells in a matter of hours. The CD37 CAR mRNA is highly transportable and can be shipped to a cell therapy site anywhere in the world, where it can be electroporated into primary lymphocytes for autologous cell therapy treatment.


A provisional patent application protecting the invention was filed in January 2016 and was followed-up with a PCT application in January 2017.

Business Partner

Kristin Sandereid
Executive Fund & Business Developer
Mobile: (+47) 93 03 72 22