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Prognostic gene expression signatures for stage II and III colorectal cancer

Diagnostics; Cancer

Business opportunity

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common cancer types in both men and women worldwide, with 1.2 million new cases annually. There is a need for molecular markers that can complement the standard histopathological staging in predicting the likelihood of disease recurrence following curatively intended surgery. Such markers could facilitate the risk-benefit assessment of adjuvant treatment, and also assist in identifying patients that need intensified postoperative surveillance.

Tech description

We offer two gene expression signatures which provide risk assessment for stage II and III CRC, respectively.
ColoGuideEX is useful for identification of stage II patients with high risk of disease recurrence, who should be offered adjuvant chemotherapy (currently not generally administered) ColoGuidePRO is useful for identification of stage III patients with low risk of recurrence who may be spared unnecessary side-effects of adjuvant therapy (typically administered), and elderly patients who are likely to benefit from treatment (but are not currently treated).
Signatures have been validated in multiple independent cohorts and we have shown technical transferability between analysis platforms and biopsy specimen types .


Patent applications for both CologuideEX (WO 2013/064908A1) and CologuidePRO (WO 2013/104990A1) are currently pending in multiple jurisdictions (US, EP, JP, CA, AU).

Business Partner

Kristin Sandereid
Executive Fund & Business Developer
Mobile: (+47) 93 03 72 22