How do we work with industry collaboration?

Inven2 has long experience of private–public sector collaboration agreements. We take a solution-oriented approach and draw up agreements that provide the best possible basis for collaboration between academia and industry.

Since Inven2 was established in 2010, the private-public sector collaboration agreements we have assisted with have resulted in many fruitful partnerships, new innovations and research funding to the professional environments that have participated.

Inven2 handles collaboration agreements related to delivery of services, access to research data, unique expertise and innovation projects. Inven2’s broad experience and expertise enables us to find good solutions that maintain the interests of both parties, and ensure that the agreements are in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Inven2 works pro-actively to promote the research environments at our institutions. Inven2’s staff has a broad national and international network of industry players, and uses this network actively in the work with industry collaboration.

Inven2’s staff promote the research environments at international partnering conferences, and we have established arenas in Oslo where academia can meet industry representatives.

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Lise Rødsten

Lise Rødsten

Technology Strategy & Collaboration Manager


Tlf. 48 89 17 83