Our funding

Inven2 has a range of different sources of income based on the work carried out by our staff. Inven2 does not receive salaries or subsidies from owners or other parties.

Our sources of income:

Income from commercialisation: This income is regulated through the threefold model where the net income is divided between the inventor, the inventor’s employer and Inven2.

This means that Inven2 receives a third of the net income if the commercialisation we contribute to becomes a success. Disse inntektene brukes til ny innovasjon, kommersialisering og bygge næringsliv.

Cooperation agreements, including clinical trials: Inven2 adds 11.11% of the hospital’s prices. Helse Sør-Øst har bestemt at dette skal være Inven2s honorar for arbeidet.

Project funding from the Research Council of Norway or other calls for applications: Inven2 applies or take part in applications for project funding.

The funds are spent in their entirety on ensuring progress in the commercialisation projects Inven2 heads or contributes to.

Service provider:The University of Oslo pays Inven2 for hours spent on idea stimulation and idea evaluations at the university.