Information to study personnel

Inven2 have employees with extensive experience in contract management and financial follow-up of clinical studies.

Our task is to act as a professional third-party in the completion of clinical studies at the hospitals we are responsible for, and at the same time safeguard the hospitals’ and investigator’s interests in the agreements with industry. We want to be a good sparring partner for study personnel – feel free to get in touch for any questions you might have:

Inven2’s role and responsibilities

Inven2 is responsible for managing the agreement and financial aspects of clinical trials and industry cooperation that is funded in whole or in part by industry.

Agreements, negotiation and responsibility

Inven2 is responsible for the negotiation of clinical study agreements of clinical studies on behalf of hospitals and investigators. This process takes place in parallel to the budget process, and includes both quality assurance of the legal content and negotiation of price and other terms and conditions with the industry.

Budgets and prices

The health personnel and the study team are responsible for preparing a budget and obtaining approval and prices from the service departments. The study budget must estimate the cost of the conducting the trial at the hospital.

Financial follow-up

Inven2 is responsible for overall financial follow-up in relation to clinical studies.

Information to managers

Encouragement and facilitation from managers are important for staff to contribute to clinical studies. This is reported by the clinicians at the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.