Information to industry

Inven2 has eight competent employees with extensive experience in contract management and financial follow-up of clinical studies.

We are a professional third-party in the conduct of clinical studies at the hospitals that we are responsible for. Inven2 delivers quick and efficient agreement processes in order to facilitate short study start up timelines. Contact us for advice on relevant sites for studies.;

Inven2’s role and responsibilities

Inven2 is responsible for managing the agreement and financial aspects of clinical trials and industry cooperation that is funded in whole or in part by industry.

Clinical study sites

Overview of contact information for clinical trials, clinical trial agreements and some of the clinical trial units at Hospitals in Norway.

Negotiation of agreements

Inven2 is responsible for the negotiation of clinical study agreements and other forms of cooperation with industry on behalf of hospitals and investigators.

Agreement templates

Inven2 has agreements templates for clinical studies for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices.. The templates are in accordance with relevant standards, Norwegian and international regulations, and South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority’s guidelines for clinical trials.

Pharmacy agreement

When a hospital pharmacy is to participate in a clinical trial, a separate agreement must be entered into between the hospital pharmacy and the clinical trial sponsor.

Budgets and prices

The investigator and study team at the hospital are responsible for preparing a budget for the study. If relevant, the investigator and the study team are also responsible for obtaining acceptance if participation and prices from the hospital’s service departments.

Financial follow-up

Inven2 is responsible for invoicing the sponsor on behalf of the hospital for activities carried out at the hospital in accordance with the study agreement. Inven2 receives the payments on behalf of the hospitals and transfers the money to the hospital where the study is taking place.