Strategy and goals

Inven2’s overall goals is to:

Create value from the research conducted at the University of Oslo and the health trusts that fall under the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority through industry cooperation and commercialisation of inventions from employees.

Create attractive investment opportunities for investors and industry, both nationally and internationally.

Give the profits from commercialisation back to the inventors and invest in new research and innovation. At the same time, Inven2 will work towards becoming self-funded.

Contribute to an efficient ecosystem for innovation and clinical studies in Norway.

Contribute to making new treatments available to patients through effective agreements on clinical trials.

Inven2’s strategy for 2020 is to:

Increase cooperation between research and industry through matching business needs with science.

Influence the hospitals to become more attractive for clinical trials.

Establish more start-up companies through cooperation with the ecosystem for innovation.

Expand our investor network.

Invest in digitalisation and e-health.

Implement more efficient project and portfolio management.