We turn research and knowledge into products and services that benefit society

Research and knowledge are the keys to addressing global challenges relating to health, climate and the environment. Competent researchers and clinicians from the University of Oslo and the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority submit ideas and inventions to Inven2. This makes us one of Norway’s biggest technology transfer offices.

Our ecosystem is especially strong in the field of life sciences. Two-thirds of the companies and licences we have contributed to are within this field.

Another of our important tasks is to administer cooperation agreements and follow up financial agreements between industry and researchers or industry and hospital departments in the nine health trusts in the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. Most of the agreements are industry-funded clinical trials.

We also make active endeavours to get more national and international companies to carry out their clinical trials in Norway. That way, more innovative treatment can benefit more patients in Norway.

We develop and manage these ideas, and proceed with the ones that can be transformed into products and services that benefit society.

Our competence

Inven2 is made up of 32 employees with a broad range of expertise from different professional fields, research and industry who handle the whole value chain in innovation, clinical trials and industry cooperation: