Information to industry

Inven2 strives for a beneficial and good cooperation with both Norwegian and international industry that might show an interest in licensing innovation projects based on inventions by researchers employed by the University of Oslo and the health trusts that fall under the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.

Inven2 is one of Norway’s biggest technology transfer office (TTO). Each year, we evaluate about 100 new inventions. We proceed with about 30% of these as innovation projects in order to license to established industry or start-ups.

Here you will find updated information about relevant licencing opportunities and about our staff working on the individual licence.

Inven2 actively cooperates with industry on many levels and is in continuous dialogue with established industry. Read more about what we can offer here.

Licensing opportunities

Licensing opportunities

Here is an overview of four of our most promising license opportunities at present. We are actively looking for industry partners who may consider licensing these technologies to further develop them into products or services.

Therapeutic regulation of WNT/YAP-signaling through a potent and specific tankyrase inhibitor

A class of novel WNT/YAP inhibitor compounds exhibiting high specificity for tankyrase and demonstrated proof of concept in mouse models for several cancer indications. Read more

An optimized engineered albumin for half-life extension and mucosal delivery of biologics

An engineered human albumin variant with extended in vivo half-life. Read more

A versatile improved antibody Fc technology platform

A unique and versatile antibody Fc technology platform (“REW”). Read more

AnaConDebt – Analysis of Contagious technical Debt

Technical debt in software development consists of sub-optimal design solutions that are beneficial in the short term, but create costly negative impact in the long run, e.g. costly maintenance changes and impossibility to evolve the system. Read more

Products on the market

Products on the market

Inven2 has contributed to many products and services that have served society well through licensing to industry or business start-ups within a range of technology fields. What follows is a selection of them.