Information to researchers

Inven2 handles collaboration agreements related to delivery of services, access to research data, unique expertise and innovation projects. Inven2’s broad experience and expertise enables us to find good solutions that maintain the interests of both parties, and ensure that the agreements are in accordance with the relevant regulations.

I have been contacted by an industry representative. How do I proceed?

The following describes how Inven2 works with private-public sector collaboration agreements and licensing of research data and services on behalf of staff at the hospitals in the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority and at the University of Oslo.

Lawyers contribute to good deals

Inven2’s lawyers have long experience from the research and commercialisation sector and assist in negotiations and with agreements relating to collaboration between industry and academia.

Meeting places and connection points

Inven2 contributes to organising one-on-one meetings between researchers and industry representatives at conferences throughout the year, such as the Partnership for Life conference during Oslo Life Science week and Matchmaking at the Cutting Edge festival.