AlbuVAX – A novel mucosal delivery technology for subunit vaccines

Business opportunity

Inventors at the University of Oslo/Oslo University Hospital have developed a novel technology for enhanced uptake of subunit vaccines across mucosal barriers. This technology is built on an engineered human albumin variant with increased mucosal transport capacity. When engineered albumin is fused to an antigen, the subunit vaccine can be delivered in a needle-free manner across selective barriers followed by activation of the immune system.

The prophylactic vaccine market is large and growing and there is an unmet need for efficient new technologies for non-invasive delivery of vaccines. AlbuVAX is a novel vaccine platform technology that utilizes a unique carrier for efficient delivery of subunit vaccines across mucosal barriers in a needle-free manner.


We have developed a subunit vaccine technology that targets a receptor-specific pathway for delivery of intact human albumin based fusions across mucosal barriers.


Needle-free delivery eliminates the risk of blood-borne secondary infections and improves patient compliance. Furthermore, vaccination at the site of infection is expected to provide favorable mucosal immunity.

Intellectual Property

Granted patents in US, EPO, JP, CA, KR, and CN (based on WO2015063611)


Article describing the Super Albumin:


Gerbrand Koster, Ph.D.

Gerbrand Koster, Ph.D.

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