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Novel peptide with very strong endotoxin binding

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) or endotoxins are an important part of the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. ... Read more

Rapeseed trait reducing seed loss

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Rapeseed (canola, Brassica napus) is the second largest oil crop in the world. Accounting for about 16% of the ... Read more

Predictive test and companion diagnostic for patients with CRC liver metastasis and a particularly poor prognosis

Business opportunity Scientists at Oslo University Hospital and the University of Oslo (Norway) have developed a novel ... Read more

Scalable production of tissue-like, vascularised liver organoids

Business opportunity Production of scalable liver-like tissue that exhibits functionally long-lived human liver characteristics has ... Read more

Tuned CAR-T cells – a platform technology

Poor persistence of the T-cell product represents an important challenge with CAR-T cell therapy. This is often due to constitutive ... Read more

Prom-Harmony™: Promoter scales for human cell gene expression

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY A scientist from Oslo University Hospital has devised a set of promoters that allow defined levels of gene ... Read more

TANDEMAb: IgA-IgG fusions with tailored effector functions

Business opportunity Monoclonal antibodies have revolutionized treatment, especially for cancer and autoimmune diseases. However, a ... Read more

A neural network based denoising system

Business Opportunity Scientists from the Institute for Experimental Medical Research at the University of Oslo are developing ... Read more

Bio-engineered palladium nanoparticles

Business opportunity Palladium nanoparticles (Pd NPs) have a wide range of applications in for example catalysis, sensors, fuel cells ... Read more

Mixed reality in heart surgery proctoring

Business opportunity Chronically occluded coronary arteries is the most complex and advanced procedure in interventional cardiology. ... Read more

3D cell culture model for differentiated natural osteocytes without artificial additives

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Well-functioning in-vitro models of human osteocytes are lacking. Scientists at the University of Oslo and Oslo ... Read more

Novel applications of VAS for treatment and prevention of cardiorenal damage in HFpEF

Business opportunity Scientists from Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo observed that Vastiras (VAS), a cardiac hormone ... Read more

EpCaM-targeted immunotoxin for advanced cancers

Scientists at Oslo University Hospital have developed an immunotoxin, MOC31PE, comprising a full-length murine antibody against the ... Read more

Early detection of brain-tumor progression

Business opportunity Brain tumors are one of the deadliest forms of cancer and the primary goal of treatment is simply to decelerate ... Read more

Non-Invasive Diagnostic Tool for Heart Failure

Business opportunity Heart failure is one of the most prevalent heart diseases, affecting over 64 million people worldwide, and has a ... Read more

Solid Electrolyte Interface Stabilizers for Li-ion batteries

Business opportunity Leading scientists at the Dept. of Chemistry, Univ. of Oslo have developed additives for silicon ... Read more

CAR-T for p95HER2-positive breast cancer patients resistant to antibody treatments targeting HER2

Business opportunity About 50% of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive tumors express p95HER2, a known ... Read more

TAM Targeting Nanobody (Immunocytokine IL-15) for Solid Tumours

The present invention involves a recombinant Nanobody (llama antibody) drug that recognizes a surface molecule (CD206) that is expressed on tumour associated macrophages. Read more

A urine test for detection and monitoring of bladder cancer

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Scientists at Oslo University Hospital are developing a urine based test, addressing a major unmet need for ... Read more

Scalable Pump-less organ-on-a-chip platform with directed flow

Business opportunity Scientists at the University of Oslo (Norway) have developed an innovative, scalable directional pump-less ... Read more

siRNA drug targeting MTHFD2 for treatment of prostate cancer

Scientists at University of Oslo have identified a mitochondrial enzyme, MTHFD2, as a potential therapeutic target in prostate cancer ... Read more

MicroRNA therapeutics for osteoarthritis and other inflammatory diseases

Our team at Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo has found a potent immune regulatory microRNA harbouring a potential to ... Read more

STEAP1 CAR for metastatic prostate cancer

Business opportunity Scientists at Oslo University Hospital (Norway) have developed a new chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) targeting ... Read more

TCR sequencing method for diagnosing celiac disease without gluten challenge or biopsy

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Scientists at Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo have identified a repertoire of celiac disease ... Read more

HLA-II targeting vaccines

Our team at Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo has developed a novel targeting sequence that allows for direct targeting ... Read more

Diagnostic test to predict metastatic progression of rectal cancer

Business opportunity Leading scientists and clinicians at the Akershus University Hospital (Norway) have identified a mitochondrial ... Read more

AI-based segmentation of vascular structures

Business opportunity Scientists at the Inst. of Clin. Med., Univ. of Oslo, Akershus Univ. Hospital, and Faculty of Med., Univ. of ... Read more

Improving HDR by fusion of novel DNA repair proteins to CRISPR-Cas9

Business opportunity Scientists from the University in Oslo, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and University in Helsinki have ... Read more

Dual CAR T-cell targeting CD19/Ig-kappa for safer Lymphoma therapy

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY This new CAR T-cell can be developed to treat children and adults with B cell lymphoma. Inven2 is seeking to ... Read more

CAR T-cell Therapy for Osteosarcoma (OSCAR)

Business opportunity The present technology has the potential to effectively treat children and adults with metastatic osteosarcoma ... Read more

Novel therapy for currently untreatable hypertension

Business opportunity Resistant hypertension (RHT) is a frequent disease and causes premature morbidity and death. RHT is defined as ... Read more

Novel design of fuel-cells and electrolysers

A proton ceramic electrochemical cell designed for a simplified one-step manufacturing of a whole structure with one single material only and post infiltration of the electrode materials. Read more

Needle-I – “seeing” what tissue types surround a needle tip

A method to discriminate nerve tissue from other tissue types and detect intraneural needle placement in peripherial nerve blocks with very high sensitivity and specificity (ROC=97% in animal model). Clinical studies in humans are needed to confirm the results. Read more

Faster and better image processing in radar, sonar and ultrasound

A software beamforming method that reduces the ultrasound data processing time and complexity dramatically. Read more

Very high production rates of medical radio isotopes with cyclotrons

A target holder, target formulation technology, and a cyclotron production process allowing intense target irradiation and very high output of medical radio isotopes. Read more

Therapeutic regulation of WNT/YAP-signaling through a potent and specific tankyrase inhibitor

A class of novel WNT/YAP inhibitor compounds exhibiting high specificity for tankyrase and demonstrated proof of concept in mouse models for several cancer indications. Read more

Prediagnostic RNA biomarkers for early detection of lung cancer

Leading scientists at the Cancer Registry of Norway and Oslo University Hospital have identified prediagnostic serum RNA biomarkers for early detection of lung cancer (LC). Read more

Principle for modifying gut microbiota

A homogenized and freeze-dried bacterial that will used as an animal feed additive to prevent inflammation and improve gut health. Read more

Sensitive ChIP-seq method for the study of single cells and small pools of cells

A sensitive ChIP-seq method for the study of single cells and small pools of cells to reveal where specific proteins or modified histones are bound throughout the genome. Read more

An optimized engineered albumin for half-life extension and mucosal delivery of biologics

An engineered human albumin variant with extended in vivo half-life. Read more

AlbuVAX – A novel mucosal delivery technology for subunit vaccines

A novel technology for enhanced uptake of subunit vaccines across mucosal barriers. Read more

A versatile improved antibody Fc technology platform

A unique and versatile antibody Fc technology platform (“REW”). Read more

MetaGate – For fast and simple analysis of complex single-cell data

Recent advances in flow and mass cytometers have enabled assessment of more parameters. Read more

AnaConDebt – Analysis of Contagious technical Debt

Technical debt in software development consists of sub-optimal design solutions that are beneficial in the short term, but create costly negative impact in the long run, e.g. costly maintenance changes and impossibility to evolve the system. Read more

Highly Epitaxial Metallic Oxides at Low Thermal Budget

A production method for materials with very high conductivity targeting the key challenges in the electronics industry Read more

High data-rate wireless communication for deep medical implants

A prototype system for wireless capsule endoscopy utilizing radio frequency backscatter communication is developed. Read more