Her er en oversikt over Inven2s eksisterende lisensmuligheter fordelt på åtte teknologikategorier. Hver lisensmulighet er beskrevet mer detaljert med forretningsmuligheter, teknologi, fordeler, kontaktinformasjon og annen relevant informasjon.

BioZEment: Low CO2 emission building material employing bacterial metabolism

The BioZEment concept is based on dissolution and re-crystallization of calcium carbonate induced by selected, non-pathogenic bacterial Read more

Viral Product Prediction

A new method to predict the individual and collective behavior of users/customers in for example the buying of a product or the churn ... Read more

CAR T-Cell Therapy for Relapsed/Refractory Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

The present invention involves a CAR T cell therapy developed from our original antibodies. Read more

TAM Targeting Nanobody for Solid Tumours

The present invention involves a recombinant Nanobody (lama antibody) drug that recognizes a surface molecule (CD206) that is expressed Read more

Novel design of fuel-cells and electrolysers

A proton ceramic electrochemical cell designed for a simplified one-step manufacturing of a whole structure with one single material ... Read more

Automated analyses of pathological samples

Automated analyses of pathology samples for improved cancer diagnostics. Read more

Continuous monitoring of patients with ventricular assist device

Researchers at Oslo University Hospital have developed a method with an accelerometer attached to an LVAD. Read more

Needle-I – “seeing” what tissue types surround a needle tip

A method to discriminate nerve tissue from other tissue types and detect intraneural needle placement in peripherial nerve blocks with ... Read more

Space weather forecast for improved navigation precision

a model that can predict the most severe instances of ionospheric disturbance on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GPS, Galilieo, etc). Read more

Faster and better adaptive ultrasound imaging

A software beamforming method that reduces the ultrasound data processing time and complexity dramatically. Read more

Very high production rates of medical radio isotopes with cyclotrons

A target holder, target formulation technology, and a cyclotron production process allowing intense target irradiation and very high ... Read more

Therapeutic regulation of WNT/YAP-signaling through a potent and specific tankyrase inhibitor

A class of novel WNT/YAP inhibitor compounds exhibiting high specificity for tankyrase and demonstrated proof of concept in mouse ... Read more

Prediagnostic RNA biomarkers for early detection of lung cancer

Leading scientists at the Cancer Registry of Norway and Oslo University Hospital have identified prediagnostic serum RNA biomarkers for Read more

Principle for modifying gut microbiota

A homogenized and freeze-dried bacterial that will used as an animal feed additive to prevent inflammation and improve gut health. Read more

Sensitive ChIP-seq method for the study of single cells and small pools of cells

A sensitive ChIP-seq method for the study of single cells and small pools of cells to reveal where specific proteins or modified ... Read more

Improvements in Gene Editing – Insertions and Targeted Repair

A collection of enzymes that significantly improve the capabilities of existing sequence specific double-stranded DNA nuclease products Read more

TaME-seq: a highly specific HPV test to improve and personalize cervical cancer risk assessment

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the main cause of cervical cancer, which is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide. TaME-seq ... Read more

An optimized engineered albumin for half-life extension and mucosal delivery of biologics

An engineered human albumin variant with extended in vivo half-life. Read more

AlbuVAX – A novel mucosal delivery technology for subunit vaccines

A novel technology for enhanced uptake of subunit vaccines across mucosal barriers. Read more

A versatile improved antibody Fc technology platform

A unique and versatile antibody Fc technology platform (“REW”). Read more

MetaGate – For fast and simple analysis of complex single-cell data

Recent advances in flow and mass cytometers have enabled assessment of more parameters. Read more

AnaConDebt – Analysis of Contagious technical Debt

Technical debt in software development consists of sub-optimal design solutions that are beneficial in the short term, but create ... Read more

Highly Epitaxial Metallic Oxides at Low Thermal Budget

A production method for materials with very high conductivity targeting the key challenges in the electronics industry Read more

High data-rate wireless communication for deep medical implants

A prototype system for wireless capsule endoscopy utilizing radio frequency backscatter communication is developed. Read more

Peptide for improved endotoxin detection and removal

A short peptide with very high affinity for endotoxins. Read more

Extended Focus – Super-resolution microscopy

In order to capture rapid cellular events without disrupting processes due to photodamage and/or bleaching, cell biologists usually ... Read more

ELLA – Analysis tool for clinical interpretation of genetic variants

ELLA is a software tool for clinical interpretation of genetic variants that is developed and in use at the Department of Medical ... Read more