Novel therapy for currently untreatable hypertension

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Resistant hypertension (RHT) is a frequent disease and causes premature morbidity and death. RHT is defined as high blood pressure that remains above goal despite the use of three antihypertensive drugs of different classes. The prevalence of resistant hypertension continues to rise, and there are currently no good treatment options available. There are over 1.3 billion people with hypertension worldwide and 10–15 % of this population has resistant hypertension. The scientists address this unmet need and aims to develop a new treatment strategy for resistant hypertension by targeting the natriuretic peptide system.

Inven2 AS seeks strategic collaborators for co-development, investors or licensees of the technology.



Natriuretic peptides play an important role in the regulation of blood pressure and it is known that patients with RHT have an impaired natriuretic peptide system. The scientific group is developing small molecular compounds to target the natriuretic peptide receptor-A (NPR-A) for the treatment of patients with resistant hypertension. A high-throughput screening has identified a lead compound with a favorable activity, pharmacological properties and tox-profile. Preliminary POC-studies in animal models of hypertension have shown promising results. More studies are ongoing.


The long-term goal is to offer a good treatment for patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure. The main competitive advantages of this therapy is:

  • Non-peptide activators
  • Oral delivery
  • A new therapeutic target


A patent application with the lead candidates is in national filing.


Andresen et al. (2023) Novel enhancers of guanylyl cyclase-A activity acting via allosteric modulation.


Aina Haugen Rengmark, Ph.D.

Aina Haugen Rengmark, Ph.D.

Technology Strategy Manager


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