Experienced lawyers

Inven2s lawyers have long experience from the reseach- and commercialisation sectors, and their knowledge and experience contribute to strengthening Inven2s’ projects business.

Our lawyers are supporting all of Inven2s business-areas, innovation, industrial collaboration, clinical studies and all business-related matters. Our lawyers work in close collaboration with our employees, and contribute to maintaining safe and sound legal frames for Inven2s’ projects and business.

Within the innovation sector, they contribute with negotiations and agreements related to commercialisation: securing intellectual property rights (documentation of the institutions’ ownership), confidentiality agreements, agreements regarding transfer of materials, collaboration agreements, option- and licensing agreements, agreements with investors and with public funding entities (such as the Research Council of Norway). They are also contributing with the establishing of companies, both in relation with negotiations and setting up the required agreements. In respect of collaborations between industry and academia, they assist with frame-agreements or agreements for individual projects. When it comes to clinical studies, they are involved with the quality assurance of the trial agreements and with essential or other issues.

The lawyers are also involved with other legal issues related to the running of Inven2, such as agreements with the owners and compliance.

The lawyers are also in charge of internal coursing and training. They have a key role in ensuring growth of knowledge and networking. Inven2 is project leader of the project “Legal Taskforce”, which has received funding from the Research Council of Norway, and which is working with sharing and strengthening the legal knowledge in all TTOs, as well as the network between these.