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Inven2's Board of Directors

Åse Aulie Michelet
Chairman of the Board

Åse Aulie Michelet is CEO in Teres Medical Group AS. She has her education from ETH in Zurich and is Cand. pharm from the University of Oslo. Michelet has long experience from the pharmaceutical industry ; Nycomed, Amersham and GE Healthcare. She has held leading positions in these companies within R&D, marketing and manufacturing. Åse Aulie Michelet has also been CEO in Marine Harvest ASA. She has had many board appointments in Norwegian industrial companies and is currently board member in Cermaq ASA.

Inger Sandlie

Inger Sandlie is professor of molecular biology and deputy director of the Center for Immune Regulation, University of Oslo. She has a PhD from the University of Bergen and did postdocs at Johns Hopkins University, USA, and the Norwegian National Cancer Hospital. She heads an active research group and is co-inventor of more than 10 patents that describe the production and use of modified antibodies and albumin. Furthermore, she is co-founder of two biotechnology companies, Vaccibody A/S and Nextera A/S, and has an extensive research collaboration with Novozymes A/S. In 2011, she received the first innovation prize awarded by the University of Oslo. 

Erlend B. Smeland

Erlend B. Smeland is director of research, innovation and education at Oslo University Hospital and professor at the University of Oslo. He is a group leader at the Centre for Cancer Biomedicine at the University of Oslo. He has been Head of department at the Institute for Cancer Research at Oslo university Hospital and Head of Research in the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. Erlend B. Smeland is a member of the Board of Directors of the Norwegian Radium Hospital Research Foundation. 

In 2004, Erlend B. Smeland received King Olav V’s Cancer Research Award.

Henning Øglænd

Henning is a lawyer by training and profession, but is now most active as a strategic advisor, investor and board member in Norwegian and international companies. He was for a number of years member of the International Board of DLA Piper, the world largest business law firm. He was also a member of the global management team as Sector Head, global transportation businesses. Henning is Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Nordic Investment company, Ratos AB. Listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. He also serves as an Industrial Advisor for Ratos. He holds and has held a number of boardmemberships within businesses as media, investment companies, financial institutions, hospitality, retail and startups. He serves at the Board of the investment company Aars as. Amongst their major holdings are Møllergruppen, the largest car importer and car dealer in the Nordics and the Baltics, Møller Real Estate and the PE company Katalysator. At present he also holds boardmemberships in the investment company Armadillo and the resort developer Koh Tan Resorts. He is Charirman of DLA Pipers Advisory Board and of EIBC (Euro Iran Business Consultants)

Ragnhild A. Lothe

Ragnhild A. Lothe is head of Department of Molecular Oncology and of the K.G. Jebsen Colorectal Cancer Research Centre at Oslo University Hospital. She is a professor in molecular genetics and co-director of the Centre for Cancer Biomedicine at University of Oslo. Her research group carries out research for improved risk stratification and novel treatment strategies for cancer patients. She is co-inventor of several active innovation projects and of 8 patents for cancer biomarkers. Lothe is chair of the board of the Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway - with EMBL partnership (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) and national member of the Advisory Council of the EACR (European Association for Cancer Research). Ragnhild A. Lothe received King Olav V’s Prize for Cancer Research 2007.

Per Morten Sandset

Per Morten Sandset is vice-rector and professor at the University of Oslo. His main responsibility is research and innovation with a special focus on the development of the life science area at the University. He holds an adjunct position at the Oslo University Hospital being a group leader at the Research Institute of Internal Medicine and the Department of Haematology. He is involved in basic and clinical studies related mainly to mechanisms of thrombosis and prophylaxis and treatment of venous thrombosis. He has been leader of the Haematological Research Laboratory, head of the Department of Haematology and assistant director of the Medical Division at Ullevål University Hospital (now part of Oslo University Hospital), and research director of the Division of cancer, surgery and transplantation at Oslo University Hospital. During 2015-17 he was director of research, innovation and education of the southeastern Norway health region, which is responsible for approximately 60% of the total research output of the Norwegian specialist health care.

Torunn Berge

Torunn Berge works as a special advisor, research and innovation at the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. She has a PhD in molecular biology from University of Cambridge and has worked as an independent researcher, both as a Research Fellow at Cambridge and later at the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo, University of Oslo. Her research activities have mainly been focussed on the use of high-resolution microscopy to study protein interactions and cell signalling complexes. At the regional health authority, she has been particularly involved in the development of administration systems for research and innovation, establishment of the Programme for clinical therapy research, as well as national assignments within the field of personalised medicine.

Hilde Irene Nebb

Hilde Irene Nebb

Lise Rødsten

Employee representative.