Inven2 contributes to organising one-on-one meetings between researchers and industry representatives at conferences throughout the year, such as the Partnership for Life conference during Oslo Life Science week and Matchmaking at the Cutting Edge festival.

Inven2 believes it is important that one-on-one meetings are a low-threshold service for researchers, where they can get access to industry contacts in the centre of Oslo.

Inven2 is one of a number of actors that works with industry collaboration. We coordinate our projects and activities with our ecosystem, which consists of clusters, different incubators and industry associations.

Inven2 also works as an ambassador for excellent research and we showcase this to national and international partners.

Inven2 participates in a host of international partnering conferences throughout the year, where we present projects in our portfolio to representatives from global companies. Examples of these include Bio Europe, Bio Fit, Nordic Life Science Days, BIO and others.

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Lise Rødsten

Lise Rødsten

Technology Strategy & Collaboration Manager


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