Inven2’s role and responsibilities

Inven2 is responsible for managing the agreement and financial aspects of clinical trials and industry cooperation that is funded in whole or in part by industry.

Inven2 is responsible for contract negotiation and financial follow-up for clinical studies on behalf of 15 Hospital Trusts (HF) in Norway:

Inven2 manages the following agreement types on behalf of the health trusts:

  • Clinical Trials Agreements for testing of pharmaceuticals
  • Clinical Study Agreements for testing of medical devices
  • Non-interventional Study Agreements, i.e. observation and register studies
  • Pre-clinical studies
  • Cooperation and Service Agreements
  • Hospital-initiated studies with financial contribution from industry

Our web-based ‘Research Information Form’ must be filled and submitted as a new industry sponsored trial to Inven2 in order to start the Agreement process. Hospital staff can use the form to submit hospital-initiated trials that receive external funding.

Our role in the different stages of a clinical trial is illustrated in the processes overview for borth the start-up phase and financial follow-up phase.

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Siri Kolle M.Sc.

Siri Kolle M.Sc.

Vice President Clinical

Clinical & Industry Collaboration

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