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Our responsibility is to manage the contractual and financial aspects of externally sponsored clinical trials that are totally or partially sponsored by an external party.The OCT process outline our involvement in the different phases of a clinical trial. Read more about the start up phase and financial follow up

Studies are divided into two main categories based on their funding, independent of study type;

Funded studies: All study costs are covered by an external party. The external party will be the study sponsor (responsible for the study and owner of the data), also called Industry Sponsored Studies.

Partly funded studies: The study gets financial contribution for parts of the study costs. For these studies, also called Hospital Iniated Studies, the Invenstigator/Hospital will normally be the study sponsor (responsible for the study and owner of the data).

Hospital Trusts

Inven2 cooperates with the hospital Trusts;

  • Oslo University Hospital 
  • Akershus University Hospital
  • Sunnaas Hospital
  • Vestfold Hospital
  • Innlandet Hospital
  • Telemark Hospital
  • Østfold Hospital
  • Sørlandet Hospital
  • Vestre Viken Hospital
  • Hospital pharmacies enterprise
  • University Hospital of North Norway

Administrative overhead

For all studies, an administrative overhead will be added to the Hospitals's cost for conducting the Study. Inven2 Clinical Trials is a selv-financed entity, and the administrative overhead is designed to cover Inven2's costs for providing the Clinical Trial Service. The administrative overhead is 11,11% for all studies.