Budgets and prices

The health personnel and the study team are responsible for preparing a budget and obtaining approval and prices from the service departments. The study budget must estimate the cost of the conducting the trial at the hospital. Inven2 has a budgeting tool that makes it easy to set up the budget, where all the tasks, roles and standard prices are integrated.

The design of the study and the protocol’s flow chart form the basis for the budget for each individual study. This ensures that the costs of all planned hospital visits, examinations, procedures and analyses are included.

The investigator and the study team will receive a budget template adapted to the specific study from Inven2 within seven days of the study being submitted to us.

Prices and budget principles:

  • The study personnel who carry out the study charge a set hourly rate. The hourly rate is: NOK 1,710 for investigators and NOK 900 for study nurses
  • The rates for the most common procedures at the service departments can be found at Regional forskningsstøtte (Research Support Services) web page
  • Inven2’s fee of 11.11% are added to the hospital’s rates
  • Start-up fee: The costs of starting up of a study are calculated on the basis of the time spent preparing for the specific study’s start-up
  • National coordinator fees: The costs are calculated based on the time spent on the tasks carried out in accordance with the national coordinator role
  • Archiving: The costs of remote storage of the study documentation after the completion of the study is covered by the sponsor. The current rate is NOK 6,000 per study
  • • Amendment Fee: NOK 3,000 per amendment
  • Inspection and audit: Compensated per hour for involved study personnel in accordance with the relevant hourly rates
  • Reimbursement of expenses for study participants: In the budgeting process in the start-up phase of the study, it is important to estimate the expenses that might be relevant for the participants in the study at your site. The study agreement must state if special expenses might occur. Pasientreiser.no must be used for refunding expenses that the study participants have in connection to travel and accomodation, but has some limitations.
    Read more about this below Financial follow-up.

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