Faster and better ultrasound imaging

Business opportunity

The introduction of cheaper transducers is fuelling huge growth in the handheld ultrasound device market with a new customer base of general practitioners, ambulance medics, emergency care nurses, etc. Until recently medical ultrasound was restricted to large trolley systems utilised by specialists practitioners in hospitals. This shift represents a market disruption and is redefining the ultrasound business landscape, which is opening up a multi-billion dollar market with a predicted growth of up to 20% CAGR.

In the handheld market there is a strong need to reduce costs and boost image quality; image quality is also the main differentiator in the trolley-system market. Our technology meets these challenges. The technology is also applicable in totally different markets as radar, sonar, etc. further adding to the market potential.

Inven2 seeks development partners and/or licensees for the technology.

Technology description

Researchers at the University of Oslo and Norwegian University of Science and Technology have developed an adaptive beamforming method that reduces ultrasound data processing time and complexity and improves image quality.


The software solution enhances image quality and lower the cost.


WO2021009495 is owned by the University of Oslo and Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Ken Rosendal

Ken Rosendal

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