Novel applications of VAS for treatment and prevention of cardiorenal damage in HFpEF

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Scientists from Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo observed that Vastiras (VAS), a cardiac hormone recombinant-peptide with known beneficial effects on the kidney, has therapeutic effects on the heart in two distinct animal models of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF).

Approximately 26 million people worldwide suffer from heart failure (HF). The number of patients suffering from HFpEF continues to increase in frequency in parallel to the increasing prevalence of common risk factors, including aging, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity. Drugs effective in treating HFrEF have not proven effective in treating HFpEF, leaving HFpEF a major unmet medical need.

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Technology description

The scientists reported that VAS prevents maladaptive cardiac hypertrophy driven by high blood pressure in the Dahl salt sensitive model of HFpEF, without lowering blood pressure (Altara et al. 2020).

Recently, they investigated the beneficial actions of VAS in metabolically induced HFpEF using the obese ZSF1 rat model, an animal suffering from obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other related conditions. To mimic the situation in the clinics, treatment with VAS was started when obese ZSF1 rats were in their pre-HFpEF stage, which encompasses diastolic dysfunction. Preliminary observations indicate that chronic administration of VAS antagonizes some of the detrimental events occurring during HF, including maladaptive remodeling and impaired function of the kidneys, as well as of the heart.


When combined with Entresto (ENT), VAS appears to further rescue renal and cardiac phenotypes and functions, including reduced pulmonary edema, accompanied by a moderate decrease in blood pressure. In short, this novel therapeutic intervention holds great promise for the treatment of cardiac damage occurring with HFpEF.


A patent application is filed.


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