CAR T-cell Therapy for Osteosarcoma (OSCAR)

Business opportunity

The present technology has the potential to effectively treat children and adults with metastatic osteosarcoma (bone cancer) where the disease has progressed beyond the first and second line treatment. Inven2 seeks collaboration with industrial partners and licensors who can support the continued development of OSCARs in the clinical phase.


OSCAR-1 and OSCAR-3 are CAR constructs designed from in-house developed antibodies with selectivity and specificity toward osteosarcoma. The CAR-T cell therapy (autologous) recognizes metastatic and local osteosarcoma tumour cells. In vivo studies have demonstrated that OSCARs are efficient to control tumour progression and survival in various mouse models.


In a lung metastasis tumor model, mice were intravenously injected with LM-7 (luciferase +) cell line. After injection, the cell line colonized the lungs and established aggressive tumors that lead to animal death after ca 55 days. Tumor growth was controlled in animals treated with T cells expressing OSCARs compared to mock T cells, as demonstrated by the luciferase signal. The animal survival was also improved. These data support an excellent efficacy of the transduced cells to control an aggressive tumor.


  1. New and specific target for osteosarcoma with a broader expression than existing ones
  2. Preclinical efficacy data in vitro and in three animal models
  3. In vivo data shows that OSCARs are able to search and destroy human osteosarcoma cell lines, either located in the peritoneum or hidden in the lungs of the animals.
  4. Ready to enter into the clinic in 1 year time


Intellectual property

A patent family based on WO2020127734 is pending in major jurisdictions. A second PCT-application is also published; WO2021260129.



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