Scalable Pump-less organ-on-a-chip platform with directed flow


Business opportunity

Scientists at the University of Oslo (Norway) have developed an innovative, scalable directional pump-less perfusion (dPP) organ-on-a-chip (OoC) platform that can transport cell culture media, circulating cells, bacteria and nanoparticles in a closed microfluidic circuit to interconnect different organ models.

Inven2 AS seeks investor/partners for establishing of a start-up or out-licensing of the IP.


Technology description

The group has developed a scalable, pump-less OoC device that generates a unidirectional, gravity-driven flow. Flow rate and oxygen levels for a venous and an arterial channel can be tuned “on-chip”. This platform allows vascularization of 3D organ models and possibly self-organisation in the future. The scientific group has established lab-scale fabrication, has shown proof-of-concept for several biological applications and advantages of the platform compared to state of the art.



  • User friendly
  • Directional adjustable flow
  • Air bubble proof
  • Reproducibility
  • No pumps or tubes needed
  • Compatible with automatized liquid handling and imaging instruments
  • Adjustable volume geometry
  • High scalability
  • Microscopy grade optical quality
  • Multiple possible layouts with few technical constrains.
  • Immune-enabled
  • PDMS-free (no drugs absorption)

The dPP platform together with the scientist’s profound knowledge in induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology can be a game changer in the OoC field as it allows different studies from disease modelling to patient-specific drug testing.



The publication describing the platform



The patent application for chip layout and functionality is filed in national phase.


Aina Haugen Rengmark, Ph.D.

Aina Haugen Rengmark, Ph.D.

Technology Strategy Manager


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