Scalable Pump-less organ-on-a-chip platform with directed flow

Business opportunity

Scientists at the University of Oslo (Norway) have developed an innovative, scalable directional pump-less perfusion (dPP) organ-on-a-chip (OoC) platform that can transport cell culture media, circulating cells, bacteria and nanoparticles in a closed microfluidic circuit to interconnect different organ models.

Inven2 AS seeks investor/partners for establishing of a start-up or out-licensing of the IP.

Technology description

The group has developed a scalable, pump-less OoC device that generates a unidirectional, gravity-driven flow. Flow rate and oxygen levels for a venous and an arterial channel can be tuned “on-chip”. This structure allows vascularization of 3D organ models and possibly self-organisation in the future. The scientific group has established lab-scale fabrication, has shown proof-of-concept for several biological applications and advantages of the platform compared to state of the art.

A HUVEC cells cultivated in tilting chip with enhanced alignment (triple staining with: blue – Hoechst (cell core), green – actin (cytoskeleton), red – VE-cadherin (tight junctions)); B: dPP platform with two perfusion channels and central organoid chamber; C: Liver organoid cultivated in the device (triple staining: green – albumin (liver cells), red – CD31 (ES), blue- DAPI (cell nuclei))


·        Easy to use ·        Directional flow
·        Air bubbles free ·        High reproducibility
·        Low cost per device ·        No artificial membrane
·        No pumps and no tubes needed ·        Fits in incubator and microscopes
·        Adjustable volume, flow, geometry  


The dPP platform together with the scientist’s profound knowledge in induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology can be a game changer in the OoC field as it allows different studies from disease modelling to patient-specific drug testing.


A patent application has been filed.


Aina Haugen Rengmark, Ph.D.

Aina Haugen Rengmark, Ph.D.

Technology Strategy Manager


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