STEAP1 CAR for metastatic prostate cancer

Business opportunity

Scientists at Oslo University Hospital (Norway) have developed a new chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) targeting STEAP1 positive cells. STEAP1 is expressed in about 90% of prostate cancers, and subgroups of other malignancies, and it is an attractive target as it is associated with tumor invasiveness and progression, and apart from the non-vital prostate gland, only expressed at low levels in normal tissue. The scientific group has accomplished preclinical validation experiments and demonstrated in vivo efficacy in a mouse model.

Inven2 AS seeks out-licensing of the IP or partners for entering clinical phase I.

The scientific group are also developing p95HER2 CARs for metastatic breast cancer.

Technology description

The in vivo activity of the CAR T cells was evaluated in a xenograft mouse model of prostate cancer. Here, the STEAP1 CAR T cells significantly inhibited tumor growth and extended survival. The T cells expanded and infiltrated the tumor in anti-STEAP1 CAR T treated mice, but not in mice treated with control T cells.

The tumors grew readily in the mice that were treated with NT T cells, whereas the mice treated with STEAP1 CAR T cells displayed a substantial inhibition of tumor growth.


The STEAP1 CAR exhibits potent in vitro and in vivo functionality, and it can be further developed towards potential clinical use.


A patent application has been filed.


Aina Haugen Rengmark, Ph.D.

Aina Haugen Rengmark, Ph.D.

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