Very high production rates of medical radio isotopes with cyclotrons

Business opportunity

Diagnostic procedures with radioisotopes are widely used with over 50 million procedures annually and the number is steadily increasing. The market experience delivery shortage of several types of isotopes. We provide a cyclotron production technology that opens new business opportunities:

  • Utilization of new clinical radioisotopes
  • Long-range distribution of earlier impossible isotopes
  • More efficient utilization of cyclotron infrastructure
  • Preapproved batch release possible for particular isotopes

Inven2 seeks development partners and/or licensees for the technology.

Technology description

Researchers at the University of Oslo and Norwegian Medical Cyclotron Centre have developed a target holder, target formulation technology, and a cyclotron production process allowing intense target irradiation and very high output of medical radio isotopes.


The new method allows low-cost production of large amounts of radio isotopes suitable for distribution to off-site end users.






Elin Melby, Ph.D

Elin Melby, Ph.D

Technology Strategy Manager


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